Saturday, 18 September 2010

'the sort of person whose circle of friends...'

[In interviewing people] Tatchell keeps drawing the viewer's attention back to him, with interjections that repeat to us what we have just heard for ourselves. Tatchell, of course, is a long-time campaigner for gay and lesbian rights, and that's fine, but you get the very strong impression he is the sort of person whose circle of friends must include, above all, good listeners.
- The Square Fellow, the Free Press's TV columnist, this week, in his report of a Peter-Tatchell-presented doc on the Pope. It's the description of his circle of friends which I like. I saw Peter Tatchell in our Tesco a few months ago, in fact, late on a Saturday evening.

I also see from this week's Free Press that I could go to the Guardian offices and see the Murdo Macleod photo exhibition we saw at An Lanntair last month. And that if I was in Portree this coming Tuesday I could hear Jeremy Brooks give the talk on the Scottish Reformation that he gave in London on Thursday night (but I didn't go to that).