Thursday, 23 September 2010

nine nine nine

I phoned for an ambulance yesterday for the first time ever. A collision between a bike and motorbike across St George's Road from me, at Princess St junction; I didn't see it, but heard it and saw things go flying; they were both on the ground and I started dialling straight away. It would be interesting to hear a recording of my call, because by the end I was being apologetic and saying that perhaps I shouldn't have rung, since they were both up and seemed okay, but the operator said not to worry and better safe than sorry. An ambulance and ambulance motorbike were there in three or four minutes. The motorbike didn't stay long but I was in a way, well, not pleased exactly but happy that I wasn't wasn't wasting ambulance time, that the cyclist was taken into the ambulance adn was still there by the time I left. A policeman came along in a car before too long also, as I thought might happen, and got statements from the two ladies who had been passing and who had seen it and had been attending to the lady cyclist. The motorcyclist was still there too. I don't know who was at fault.