Saturday, 11 September 2010

lost property at football grounds

"One of our supporters has reported the loss of a personal item following Saturday's home match with Morecambe. The item - a light blue sweater - was lost around Row K, Seat 75 in the South Stand Lower after the end of the game. Any supporters with information regarding the missing item are asked to contact the club on 01865 337500" - An urgent lost-and-found message on the Oxford United website. You wouldn't get that at the Old Trafford or the Emirates, would you?
- Quote of the Day, Guardian Fiver, Tue 7 September

"Re: the lost sweater at Oxford Utd (yesterday's quote of the day). I brought my son to Eastlands about two months after the Sheikhs' takeover and left a bag with a new kids' home shirt in it under the seat at the end of the game. Not 20 seconds later I realised this and went back to find said bag gone. With upset kid in tow, I asked the security people if there was a lost and found stall or, even better, perhaps they could check on CCTV who picked the bag up. I was then met with the perfect response from Moneybags FC: 'Sorry, nothing we can do, you could always go back across to the megastore and buy the lad another shirt.' Welcome to the Premier League son" Les Hickey.
- letter, Guardian Fiver, Wed 8 September

"Re: lost property at football (Fiver passim). I sat in the away end to watch Leicester v QPR on a freezing night in January 2006. On my return home I discovered that, in the excitement of a dramatic away win, I was without my wedding ring (after fewer than six months of marriage). A few frantic phone calls to bus operators revealed nothing so I put in a less-than-hopeful call to Loftus Road. After explaining my predicament, a chap from security advised the School End was currently being cleaned and, if I could remember my seat number, he would have a look and call me back. After 15 tense minutes the phone did ring and my wedding ring had been retrieved, after spending a cold night in the stand. We were reunited that evening and, am still wearing it as I type, thanks to the Super Hoops" - Kevin Wesson.
- letter, Guardian Fiver, Thu 9 September