Monday, 20 September 2010

carpet cleaning

We had our carpets and sofas cleaned last Tuesday, fairly successfully, which in turn led to the filling of several recycling and rubbish bags, as we tried to sort through some of our piles and boxes rather than just putting them all back where they were before. The under-bed boxes in particular got a good going over; I rationalised my 'archives' of publications I have written/edited over the last nineteen years to one copy of each thing; next time I suspect I might rationalise them to no copies at all. It's an odd thing seeing your work time encased in four small boxes, which realistically you'll never refer to. Similarly we have a tower of boxes containing all our photos, between the wardrobe and the outside wall, which we've never looked at since I sorted them away there. People sometimes say of digital photos that you will never look at them because you don't print them out, but we certainly look at the photos on our laptop much more than we ever looked at our prints.

Many of the recycling bags are filled with baby clothes, bedding and paraphernalia. It's highly unlikely we will regret this unprecipitate action...