Saturday, 7 August 2010

private eye number crunching

11: People killed in accident on oil rig leased by British company BP, resulting in four presidential visits, a $1.6bn clean-up and the establishment of $20bn compensation fund in two months
15,000+: People killed in accident at Bhopal plant owned by American company Union Carbide, resulting in 0 presidential visits, no clean-up and $470m compensation in 25 years

$20bn: Compensation fund demanded from BP by American government for victims of oil spill
$7bn: Compensation paid out by American government to families of victims of 9/11

$2.6bn: Dividend from BP, now cancelled as a result of political pressure following accident on rig leased by company
$1bn: Dividend to be paid out to shareholders by Transocean, owners and operators of the rig, approved a month after the accident

$20bn: Compensation fund set up by BP for US victims of oil spill in Gulf of Mexico last week
$45m: Compensation paid out by oil firm Trafigura to 30,000 victims of dumped toxic waste in Ivory Coast after four year legal battle

- Number crunching in Private Eye, 25 June