Friday, 6 August 2010

not the nine o clock news

Watched an interesting documentary about Not The Nine O'Clock News recently. Of course from the days when a series had a much greater impact becasue there were only three channels. Most interesting thing learned was how Rowan Atkinson had been signed up with a ruthless agent before he'd even graduated, and how they'd hoped it was going to be a series of his own rather than a team, and how they told the others there wasn't going to be another series at the end of the last one because Rowan was a first division talent and the others were second division talents, so he'd be going his own way. Ruthless ambition.

The Oxbridge comedy mafia still persists, which is a bit annoying. Even supposing it is the cleverest students who go to these places, there's no reason to believe they should be so disproportionately funnier than the rest of the population, student or otherwise.