Friday, 21 May 2010

mastermind specialist subjects

So how does one go about getting a specialist subject past the rigorous selection process of the Mastermind powers-that-be? Famous rejects have included 'Routes to Anywhere in Mainland Britain by Road from Letchworth', 'The Banana Industry' and 'Orthopaedic Bone Cement in Total Hip Replacement'.
'They have to be subjects that we can set questions on that are interesting and engaging to the viewers,' explains [series producer Jon] Kelly. We rule out things that we have done too recently and the subject has to be sufficiently dense that we can write enough questions.' He warns potential contenders that their subject mustn't be too broad either. 'One man wanted to do "The History of the World since Jesus Christ." We told him he'd better narrow it down. He came back with "The History of Europe since Jesus Christ". We realised then that he wasn't for us.'
- from an article on Mastermind in tomorrow's Radio Times