Wednesday, 19 May 2010

goliath cartoon; dup poster

Cartoon from the current Private Eye. 'Book of the month' salesman at the very high door of a house, above which is inscribed 'Goliath of Gath'. In the doorway stands a woman who is saying, 'It would be a waste of time - my husband is such an enormous Philistine'.

From the previous issue - and here it is online, complete with the entertaining posters (don't know how much of Private Eye is accessible online now):
In Northern Ireland, the DUP ran into trouble after using freebie stock images from the website iStockphoto for its posters. Not only did the move spark complaints that it breached iStock’s policy that pictures cannot be used to suggest personal endorsement by the model, but it was easy for rivals to find more pictures from the very same photoshoot (simply captioned “cute female”) and produce spoof posters suggesting that Cute Female had switched her party allegiance without even changing her jacket.