Thursday, 1 April 2010

heygate estate

A set of links relating to the Heygate Estate and its emptying and demolition.

The last days of Elephant and Castle's 1970s housing project - a Guardian photo gallery article, 26 March.

Living in Ghostland: the last Heygate residents: It was once home to 1,200 families. But now just 54 souls can be found on the Heygate, the south London estate condemned years ago. So why are they still there? Charlotte Philby finds out - Independent, 29 March.

Southwark Notes - regeneration: an anti-regeneration/gentrification website, very detailed on the area. I'm always suspicious of the agenda of folk like this, though; romanticising poverty and decay or a lifestyle on the fringes of society, a different kind of snobbery, an equally selfish economic model but at the other end of the spectrum, one that wouldn't be possible without the working conformity of others they profess to rebel against; and no indication on the website as to who they are.

Live From The Heygate blog - 'notes on the Heygate and after', with lots of links.