Monday, 5 April 2010

granny's death in fios

In the Ness fortnightly newsletter, Fios, of 12 March:

It is with much sadness we report the passing of Christina Morrison of 18 Outer Adabrock (Taigh Uilleam a Ghladstoin) on 3 March. Cairstiona was 89 and will be sadly missed in the neighbourhood and throughout the villages. A much loved lady in the extensive family she married into, Christina will be fondly remembered by them all for her kindness and her ever-friendly welcome to the home. A familiar figure in earlier years going about the daily tasks of raising a family - some remember Cairstiona coming to tobair Alasdair Buachaill where she always had a kind word for the little ones messing about at that busy water spout. We fondly remember these days and those who were part of another age.
Cairstiona was a gifted raconteur and enthralled and enriched many by the tales told in the ancient style of the oral tradition. We got an insight into lives and times that most of us have never experienced and for that we are indeed privileged.
Cairstiona was widowed in 1981 - Uilleam was 65 when he died in March of that year. To their family, Domhnall, Cairstiona, D'll Uilleam and Cathie we offer our sincere condolences and to their families. We extend sympathy to all who mourn and have precious remembrance of Cairstiona.
There was a large attendance at the funeral on Saturday at Cross Free Church. In the absence of the minister of the congregation, Rev Kenneth M Ferguson, Rev Donald Macdonald (Retired) officiated, assisted by Rev James Maciver and Donald Morrison (Cross) and Alex John Morrison (South Dell).