Saturday, 3 April 2010

april ansible:dr who not sf; the war against tourism

Steven Moffatt explains the inner non-sfness of his show: 'For me, Doctor Who literally is a fairy tale. It's not really science fiction. It's not set in space, it's set under your bed. It's at its best when it's related to you, no matter what planet it's set on.' (_Guardian_, 22 March) [JM]

Peter Watts, Canadian sf author beaten up and pepper-sprayed by a US border guard in December (see _A270_), was convicted on 19 March for 'failure to comply with a lawful order'. Apparently it's a felony to be even slightly groggy and hesitant when told to lie down on the ground by someone who has just punched you repeatedly in the face for asking a question. Sentencing should follow in late April. As they phrased it at Making Light: 'Peter Watts has been found guilty of being assaulted by a border guard.' Another notable victory in the War Against Tourism.
- from April's Ansible email