Saturday, 27 March 2010

stickler update

I had my double vision appointment a week ago last Monday, and my post-op follow up appointment the day after. I saw the same ?ophthalmologist as I'd seen the time before. He was happy with how things were going, still wasn’t sure what had caused it, and said he would arrange to see me again around the time of my next appointment with the eye clinic. He left the prism on the lens as it was.

My post-surgery check-up appointment at the eye clinic was a bit disappointing for me but not for the doctor (who was a lady who I hadn't seen before). It was all a question of tenses: I thought my recovery was going well, she thought it had gone well. So they’re not really expecting much improvement to the vision in the right eye beyond where it is now. Also my right pupil has not returned to its usual shape. I mentioned this to the ?ophtalmologist who was giving my eyes the preliminary check before she put the drops in, and she said she'd get the doctor to have a look before she up the drops in. She asked me if I'd had a blow to the eye or an eye injury recently; I said only the surgery. It turns out that the muscle in the iris has been damaged, so that’s going to be permanent now; it will leave my right eye a bit sensitive to light, and not as good at focussing as it used to be, but she didn’t seem to think it was a major cause for concern. They are going to see me again in four months, just because there’s some blood in the bottom of the eye (which she presumed was associated with the iris muscle injury, and which ties in with the doctor on my first post-op check-up saying that there had obviously been a bleed at the front of the eye (I'm glad I mentioned to him how I thought I'd poked myself in the eye putting my glasses on just before he saw me after they had taken the dressing off on my first return to hospital after the op, in case that had caused the bleed, and he indicated that it hadn't, though I still worried that it had; I also wondered if it had been because I'd kept insufficiently still during the laser surgery, since the surgeon had to tell me at one point to keep still; but whatever, there's no use crying over spilt milk)) which they want to keep an eye on - apart from that they would have discharged me. It may be that I can go to the optician to have my right eye retested for a new strength of lens in my glasses, which might improve the vision there a little, but I shouldn’t do that before my appointments four months hence - the doctor seemed to take a bit of an 'if it'll make you feel better' approach to me raising that question, but it's certainly true that I can improve the focus in my right eye a little by moving my glasses away from my face, so there's obviously some room for represcribing there. She also had no opinion on the double vision question, essentially leaving it to the double vision man. I forgot to ask also about the potential need for a cataract removal op on that eye and when that might arise - the way the appointment went took me by surprise, really, as I wasn't expecting it to be the end (the double vision man I guess wasn't expecting it to be the end either), which it nearly was.

My gas bubble finally disappeared completely on Wednesday just gone.

So I've been back at work a couple of weeks now, and getting used to being back there. The hardest thing is not just going straight back into the style of computer work as before, but taking regular breaks - it was clear from what various doctors said that computer work isn't a problem if you do it the way we're all meant to do it anyway, with regular breaks. On Monday on the way home from the office I went into the 98p shop and got a kitchen timer, and have started using that, which definitely helped me. Work continue to be very good and making it clear tha they'll help me in any way that I need help. I've got a screen in box to use, once I've cleared some space on my desk by doing some filing, which I'm doing in my computer breaks, which is one of these that you hook your laptop up to.