Friday, 26 February 2010

word forum general ignorance confession line

An interesting thread on the Word magazine forum of people revealing things they had mistakenly thought for a long time. Highlights include the one who thought Basil Brush was a brush, the one who thought injury time at the end of a football match was when you could injure opponents without punishment, the one who thought that when a sign said 'Hazchem Danger' then 'Hazchem' was 'Danger' in a foreign language, possibly German or Arabic, rather than short for hazardous chemicals (and the follow up post from someone who said they'd also thought that 'until just now, when I read your post'), the one who thought 'portakabin' was pronounced 'portaka-bin', and finally: 'In 1977 my mate and I went on a French grape-picking holiday. We didn't know the exact destination, until he got the tickets delivered and said we were going to a place called "Mon Augusti": only later, after consulting maps without success and asking him to bring the tickets to my house, did we discover it was the date we were going; Monday, August 1st'.