Saturday, 20 February 2010

guildhall art gallery; amphitheatre

Yesterday I went to the Guildhall Art Gallery, primarily to visit the remains underneath it of the Roman amphitheatre. Taken together they're definitely one of London's hidden treasures; it's a lovely little gallery, free on Fridays, and there was more of the amphitheatre left there than I remembered. The amphitheatre was only discovered fairly recently, and it's very interesting that the Guildhall Yard open space, which it almost exactly sits under (there's a line in the pattern in the yard showing you the outline of the amphitheatre); the page linked to above indicated it was eventually filled with buildings, so I don't know when it became an empty space again.

The Art Gallery has the originals of at least three paintings I've had on my wall in the past in postcard form: My First Sermon, My Second Sermon, and Rossetti's La Ghirlandata (by no means the only idealised pre-Raphaelite woman on my student wall).

On the way I noticed that the outer door to St Lawrence Jewry, the church between Gresham Street and Guildhall Yard, was open, so we popped in there for my first visit.