Thursday, 21 January 2010

stickler - odds and ends

Yesterday evening looking in teh bathroom mirror I realised I could see in the pupil of my eye the liquid wobbling from side to side when I wobbled myhead; imagine the washing machine with a tiny bit of water visible in the bottom of the window. What makes it most noticeable is that my pupil is extremely dilatd, with just a thin rim of green, because one of the drops, possibly the one fo reducing the pressure in the eye, dilates the puil. One of the many side effects I noticd in one of the three drops was that it might change the colour of your eye, so perhaps I'll end up with a David Bowie thing going on there. Anyway, I'm not keen to per at the wobbly water in my eye again, though I guess the tide will increase as the gas goes; I don't know if it's just started to be visible now or if I've just noticed it now. What is noticeable though is that from last night the blurriness in the right eye became noticeably more mobile and watery and wobbly. I've also noticed a swirling pattern sometimes, since last night, in teh bottom of that vision, so in the top of the gas, dark and light pattern of swirls which puts me in mind of a maori tatoo pattern in motion.

I think I've probably put on some weight, as I've been living a rather sedentary lifestyle but have been as hungry as normal. I've been thirstier than usual, and have been outstripping Bethan in my tea intake, which is unusual, but I have certainly taken this as my body wanting more liquid for some health and recovery reason best known to itself. I've only had a couple of cups of coffee but they haven't done the job at all, coffee does tend to dehydrate I think.

I can't remember if I said that I've probably moved into the phase where you are tempted to get bored and overdo things because you feel better in a lot of ways, and feel guilty about not doing anything in particular, especially anything useful. But I was surprised how tired I was in the evening yesterday even after just having gone out twice briefly, the library in the morning and the school in the afternoon. As well as the other things I can do, I am finding that the guitar is a useful thing to stop me getting bored. Ishould say that I had taken the guitar out a few months ago and had picked it up since then more often than for a long time, mainly because I I had such a hash of pitching my singing the last time I sang at Sharp's that I had lost my nerve and hadn't sung there on my last few visits, and was wondering whether I should start using the guitar too, primarily to help me pitch it properly. Although of course in some ways that just doubles your exposure of potential for demonstrating incompetence and forgetfulness.

I will make an excursion to the shopping centre now, and perhaps look in Smith's for audiobooks there that might suit me better than whats in the library.