Wednesday, 20 January 2010

stickler - check-up

Had my two-week check-up yesterday - if things had gone more straightforwardly this would have been the only check-up I'd have had after the post-op check-up on the Thursday. Anyway, I saw Dr Wong again, who had seen me last Thursday - Dr Mahmoud, who I've seen most and who did the surgery was also around and took a peep, and Mr Laidlaw was passing too and said to Dr Wong that my file might indded have been in the vicinity of his office last Thursday...

The doctor was hapy with how things were going, obviously on track no. The pressure was down - when the nurse checked the eyes the right was twentyone and the left was twenty, whatever that means. She was the senior nurse, Josephine,who I'd seen before; by now of course several of the doctors and nurses are knowing me. When she took the eye pressure last Wednesday the right eye was twentyeight; this was sufficiently high that tshe took it again, and got the same result, and looked at the machine as if it might be broken, and then checked my good left eye and then reacted in such a way to make me think that the left pressure was high too and she thought the machine might indeed be broken, and she checked the left pressure again. Anyway, it was better on the Thursday, and still fine yesterday.

I'm to carry on with the three drops as before - I say I but of course it's we, with Bethan doing most of the dropping work. We're to reduce the steroid drop week by week, from every two hours to four times a day to three to two to one and then stop, and then stop the other two drops when this one stops. The eye is still full of gas, which should come out gradually over the next few weeks - they said to make an appointment in six weeks time by which time it should be all gone, we got an appointment mid-March. For posture they said continue to be upright during the day, and to sleep on my left, not my back or my right. Since I'm not a still sleeperI'd be worried I'd be ending up in bad positions, so I'm going to carry on sleeping in the chair for the time being, since I'm sleeping perfectly well there - it's our blue Ikea chair withthe associated footstool.

I'm signed off for another two weeks from now, and they said I could go back to work after that whenever I felt able to, though taking care not to overdo it and to stop whatever I was doing if I felt pain. I guess it depends on having things you can do without using your eyes too much, and also the extent to which you feel able to work with the partial sight in the eye. My understanding is that as the fluid returns, the vision returns where teh fluid is and is blurred where the gas is; the vision reappears from the top, as the fluid is 'filling up' from the bottom (a reminder that what's going on in the eye is 'upside down' from the messages it sends you about the outside world).

The thought of going back to work still seems strange. However much it is said that it's nothignto do with screen work, I'm going to be hesitant and nervous about overdoing things with my eyes, especially the screen work - this applies at home as well as work, of course. I've always been aware that oneof my difficulties is that while so much of my work is screen- and print-based, so much of my leisure time is the same (computer, tv, books and print) that it's hard to give my eyes a proper break. A change of career, or a change of leisure pursuits?