Thursday, 21 January 2010

stickler - capacity

I should have mentioned, of course, that mycapacity for sitting around doing nothing is such that it is unlikely I will become bored while I convalesce. I am quite a patient patient, it turns out, when it comes to sitting and waiting. I was quite content sitting for hours in corridors in St Thomas's, even when I couldn't have my ipod on in case I missed anything (which was most of the time); I knew I was in the system and in the process, soI'd be reached eventually. The only time I was less relaxed was when I went in last Thursday after seeing the consultant on Wednesday, because I knew my name wasn't on any list and I hadn't signed in - I was reliant on the staff who knew I was there remembering I was there and trying to move things on; happily the nurses about were ones who remembered me and I was reassured when I checked about ninety minutes into the wait tha I was on the agenda.

I didn't find any audiobooks at all in Smiths, which of course isn't to say that they aren't there. They did used to have a section, but it's not a section I've paid much attention to so it might have been gone for a long time. They've certainly pretty much done away with their CD sectionover the last couple of years. We miss Woolies. The Woolies unit did get filled just before Christmas by the returned Clarks factory shop.