Friday, 22 January 2010

stickler - bright

Yesterday evening watching a programme on telly I found it was too bright for my right eye and ended up watching it with one hand over my right eye so that I didn't have to keep the eye closed. I found things quite bright this morning to with my right eye. I guess returning vision is giving greater awareness of the brightness around even though it's quite a grey day outside. I went to the GP this morning to put in a form for a repeat prescription of my various drops, and home via Tesco's to get some pizzas for tea, and for a lot of the time I had my right eye closed. I think I will have more of a listening than looking day today.

I did sign up to a new podcast, which is the radio four series of fifteen-minute programmes by the director of the British Museum entitled A history of the world in one hundred objects, which started on Monday, and I guess is going to be on monday to friday for twenty weeks. I noticed last night something which implied that all the hundred objects were actually in the British Museum, which made me more interested in listening to the programme, and I listened to my first one live today, after Desert Island Discs with James Ellroy (which is also available as a podcast; I'm swithering as to whether I should sign up for that). Hurrah for London-centrism, that's what I say.