Sunday, 14 January 2007

to your scattered bodies go

To Your Scattered Bodies Go, by Philip Jose Farmer, last on that list of top 50 SF/F, courtesy of alphabet. Got it at Tlon on New Year's Eve Eve - I wasn't going to go in, but on my way back home from Tesco's, laden with stuff needed after holiday and before New Year's Day, the owner signalled me to come in, and it seemed churlish to refuse. He gave me a happy new year plastic cup of red wine, and it seemed ditto. So I had a look round while I drank it, and I bought the book, which I'd seen before, and got 50p off so only £1.50.

It sets up a very elaborate context in concept and cast, but is a strangely pointless and cold book - it doesn't really make you care or put any effort into working out what's behind it all and what's going on, or care for any of the characters. I'll not be reading any more of the 'magnificent Riverworld saga'. I haven't liked the little other of his I've read.

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