Saturday, 13 January 2007

russian winter festival; npg

We went up to Trafalgar Square this afternoon for the Russian Winter Festival; it was too busy for us really, seemed like everyone Russian in London was there. We didn't even go down into the Square proper to see what stalls were down there, rather than at the top and the side. We caught a snatch of what appeared to be quite a popular Russian boy band doing their well-received bit on the stage.

We went into the National Portrait Gallery instead; Bethan visited the Photographic Portrait Prize 2006 exhibition, while I trailed around with herself upstairs. For a little while we sat on a bench and did questions and answers about the painting we were sitting in front of (I had no idea, but pulled up the list of 'family portraits' on the website, and this was No2 of 389, for some reason) - it was interesting doing that, as it made me pay attention to details that I probably wouldn't have otherwise noticed, like the carpet and the fact that the middle child is actually sitting on a chair; most of the time she was running away from me shouting 'can't catch me I'm the gingerbread man', which was a new thing. Reminding her of the sticky end to which the gingerbread man came made no difference.

We'd have stayed out longer, but she was being quite uncooperative; she's in a big running away phase at the moment.

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