Wednesday, 17 January 2007

more on 'the new totalitarians'

Alex has posted a thoughtful response to the Tobias Jones article I linked to below, my favourite sentence of which was 'Religion and the religious (though that should perhaps be Faith and the faithful) have done many good things and have provided comfort and guidance to many people the world over whatever their creed' (favourite because of the religion/faith bit).

I made a comment, the surely-avoidably-complicated core of which was, ' I think the interesting issue at the core of it is how a secular society without an externally-defined moral code (which is not to say without morals), but a moral code which places at its heart freedom and tolerance, handles groups within that society which have a moral code (externally-defined or otherwise) which it considers intolerant. And the bigger, philosophical issue of what constitutes, determines and defines morality where some kind of external definition (usually - always? - religious in nature) is not considered valid/justifiable.' A model of clarity, I'm sure you'll agree.

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