Wednesday, 17 January 2007

I've been aware of for a while, but haven't signed up because I didn't fancy putting my laptop listening online, and thought that was the only way you could use it. But I've just discovered - and these probably aren't new functions - that you can do a guest radio station, just entering a name or two each time you visit and seeing what you get, and that you can listen to radio stations based on registered people's profiles. What I don't think you can do is say I want to hear tracks, or even one track, by a certain artist (you can hear 30s previews of tracks, as you can on sites like allmusic and amazon, and even that's proved helpful at times).

But those radio station options will do me for now - I got some good working music with three searches on Philip Glass, Penguin Cafe Orchestra and then Mike Oldfield. At home I may try one of Alex's Neighbours - since I, being slow of brain, can't work out yet how I can do Alex's (find a Neighbour's user page where presumably Alex will be listed as a Neighbour?) - and maybe I will hear some Phish.

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