Wednesday, 10 January 2007

four greatest hits CDs

Beta Band, Darts, Jam, Showaddywaddy. Cheap, one way or another.

Beta Band confirmed that critically acclaimed doesn't always mean any good. It shows how subjective taste in music is, especially people's voices. To me they were wholly unremarkable.

Jam pretty much as I expected; I thought I might hear something I liked in the songs I hadn't heard, but I didn't. I'll hear Eton Rifles and Going Underground often enough on the radio not to need them on CD. Smithers-Jones, the Bruce Foxton song, is my favourite, although I can't listen to it without thinking of Roddy's song over the top of it ('stop off at the coffee pot to buy the victor' and so on). (Roddy did tapes of himself singing funny lyrics over other songs, a lower-tech version of what The Guireans (locally) and Weird Al (internationally) do.)

Showaddywaddy were pretty ropey, not as good as I remember, although they were primarily the memories of quite a small boy. Musically, and especially vocally, they were pretty rough. Not sure whether they were cynical bandwagonjumpers or lucky rightplacerighttimers. (Under the Moon of Love was evocative of my childhood in a non-specific way, and I still liked it, but I'm sure I'll pick that up on a compilation sometime. Their version of Three Steps to Heaven for some reason makes me think of being on the grass outside the back of the Free Church manse with Neil.)

The Darts CD stood the test of time, and is the only one I'll keep. Had the advantage over Showaddywaddy of having good songwriters and very good singers. There's a heart and soul about it. In fact they've recently released a new remastered double CD best of set.

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