Monday, 1 January 2007


We've stopped in Chinnor once before on the way home on the M40, just on the edge of the Chilterns - tempted by the possibility of a non-service station place to eat by a couple of local tourist attractions nearby on the map, we missed the attractions but found a nice community centre cafe (it was the Saturday of one of England's world cup group matches, on the way back from Montgomery); we saw the sign to the steam railway that we'd missed on the way back to the motorway.

This Saturday on our way home we were going to go into earlier services, but the queue was out onto the slip road (the previous Saturday - Christmas eve eve - on the way up we stopped at the busiest service station we'd ever been in, and ended up, like many others, getting sandwiches and eating them in the car) and decided to go on to Chinnor despite the possibility that nothing there might be open with it being New Year's Eve Eve.

We went to the Chinnor and Princes Risborough Railway, seeing an enormous number of red kites on the way, and found it not only open but with a steam train about to set off and a platform cafe in an old railway carriage. Two of my finest motorway lunch stops ever have now been in Chinnor.

Here's Chinnor on Wikipedia - Adam Clayton was born there! - and their own village website, plus something on the Chiltern's red kites.

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