Thursday, 11 January 2007

bits and pieces from today

In the morning, me sitting on the sofa, a squirrel darting about in the garden, The Lark Ascending on Radio 3 - a rural idyll in Elephant and Castle. If I'd been reading a good book instead of working on my laptop it would all have been very good. My first time at home while herself was in nursery. For the first few weeks I'll be using this newly-freed time by working, alas.

In the afternoon, sitting in the Bramah Museum tea room, with coffee and cake and someone playing the piano; no book, but M - not so very bad.

On the way from the tea shop to the bus, popped our heads into the Hop Exchange, along the road, for the first time and saw the fine atrium.

Before the tea shop we'd been to the Cathedral and Borough Market, each for the umpteenth time. At the former, for the first time, I noticed at the back the wooden bosses on display from the old wooden roof. A volunteer steward, a lady from Ardrossan, said she'd been told not to point it out to children for fear of frightening them, but she showed M the boss with the devil eating Judas Iscariot; I'm not sure what M made of it. She lifted M up to see into the font too.

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