Saturday, 6 January 2007

after the thin man

This evening started on one of my two favourite presents this Christmas - a box set of Thin Man DVDs from Bethan (the other being a framed photo of Chris and M out in his boat when we were up in the summer) - by watching the second of the films, After the Thin Man, which was quite good and which came with a Robert Benchley short and a cartoon.

And while I'm linking to Google Image searches on actresses, I was struck tonight by how Myrna Loy reminded me of that woman in that sitcom which I never watched (so how do I know what she looks like?)... hang on... Will and Grace... Debra Messing, apparently, who had only previously reminded me of Lucille Ball. Of course the Images search pics of Debra look nothing like either Myrna or Lucille. And I'm too young to be making such associations anyway, surely.

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