Saturday, 16 December 2006

horror films

I'm not big on horror films really, but the only two films I've watched on Film4 so far have been supposedly horror - R-Point and Nightwatch. Nightwatch in particular I enjoyed a lot; I liked R-Point too, although they had a little interlude with American actors who weren't very good, which made me wonder if perhaps the Koreans weren't very good actors but I just didn't realise it. Perhaps I can only continue to think I don't like horror films by reclassifying all the ones I do like as not really horror. I don't think I can pull that off with Alien, though.

(A constant theme of David Langford's Ansible newsletter is how often mainstream or literary reviewers or writers who want to praise or recommend a science fiction book, film or TV programme will do so by saying it's not really, or transcends, or is better than, science fiction. I remember reading something similar by someone talking about a literary author's book which featured a device or technique which had been used before in crime fiction - I forget what it was - but which was hailed as radical or innovative because it was literature rather than genre fiction.)

Alex puts it well re The Exorcist - disturbing and unsettling, but not 'scary'. I should say I did think The Exorcist was a good film.

I thought I'd have watched a lot more on Film4 since it went Freeview; I've still got Lost In Translation on video, which I videoed in the first fortnight. Bethan saw it at The Big Scream, the Clapham Picture House's screenings for parents with children under 1; the only film I saw there, I think, was Super Size Me.

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