Monday, 13 November 2006

lord mayor's show and fireworks

We went to the Lord Mayor's Show on Saturday - my and M's first time, Bethan's second. My childhood memory of the Lord Mayor's Show is of Saturday morning children's programmes being cut short to show it - I resented it, and had no interest in watching it. I don't have much more interest in watching it now; but we thought M'd like it, and she did. We had our congregation's traditional vantage point on the elevated area next to St Nicholas Cole Abbey on Queen Victoria Street - I checked on Thursday night that the space was still accessible through the back gate.

It was cold, and longer than I'd anticipated. It was quite a range of floats and bands. The most peculiar was a prostate cancer charity float, carrying a steel drum band playing Total Eclipse of the Heart, accompanied by smiling waving women, presumably secure in the knowledge that they'd never have to call on the charity's services.

We went back out to the fireworks at 5pm, watching them as last year from Southwark Bridge, which is a bit further away (the fireworks barge is between Blackfriars and Waterloo) so a bit quieter, fewer people and still a good view.

Oddly enough, we saw the dreadlocked Victor Lewis-Smith twice, in two separate places - walking below us at Cole Abbey, and passing us on a south London back street after the fireworks.

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