Tuesday, 28 November 2006

ken macleod

Iain Banks, in his whisky and car book, gave a couple of mentions to his old friend (school friend, I think) Ken Macleod; one of the things he mentioned was that whereas Iain had ground away at several novels before getting a publishable one, Ken got it right first time; another was that Ken's parents were Free Presbyterians.

I'd seen Ken MacLeod's books before, and I think I came across his weblog first when I was searching for the origin of the phrase 'work as if you are living in the early days of a better nation' - he's clearly an old lefty.

Last night I was watching the second part of a documentary on British science fiction, The Martians And Us. Ken MacLeod was one of the talking heads, and when I heard him speak I thought he must have done some growing up in Lewis. Sure enough, a websearch revealed he was born in Stornoway and lived in Lewis until he was ten. Two links came up to entries in his blog - here and here.

I'll have to read something of his.

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