Tuesday, 14 November 2006

freckleton air disaster

This from a set of interviews in Saturday's Guardian's magazine with Archibald McIndoe's guinea pigs - so incidental really, but a story about a tragedy I'd never heard of before:

I was stationed at Kirkham in Lancashire when the accident happened. It was August 23 1944, and I was off duty with three mates when a terrible storm blew up. We got caught right in the middle, so we made a run for it to our local cafe, The Sad Sack Snack Bar. Meantime, an American B-24 Liberator bomber had taken off on a test flight when it hit the storm and came down . It crashed through the snack bar and continued on, through the infants' wing of the local school before coming to a halt. Sixty one people, including 38 children, were killed. It was the worst air incident of the war. Ironically, at that time the rest of the country was celebrating - Paris had been liberated and victory was finally in sight.

This page on the Imperial War Museum gives some more details, and the location.

And this page gives a great deal of information.

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