Monday, 20 November 2006

elizabeth taylor and montgomery clift

Trouper of the week: She has faced viral pneumonia, a brain tumour and incurable heart disease, but this week Liz Taylor proved that you can't keep a good hoofer down - abandoning her wheelchair, at the age of 74, to swim with the sharks off Hawaii. This unassailable gumption will not surprise long-term Liz-watchers, who know her for more than just her murky friendship with Michael Jackson and her eight short marriages. In 1956, for example, on leaving a dinner party at Taylor's home, her good friend Montgomery Clift slammed his car into a phone pole, breaking every bone in his face (among many life-threatening injuries). While the other guests phoned for an ambulance, Taylor ran to the scene, crawling through the back door of the crushed car and over the seats to reach him. Cradling Clift's head in her arms, she noticed him moaning and motioning to his throat, where parts of his broken jaw had lodged. Taylor promptly reached deep into his mouth and pulled them out, thus saving his life. With guts like those, sharks probably don't seem very frightening at all.
- Guardian, Friday 22 September, 2006.

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