Tuesday, 14 November 2006

billy bragg on multiculturalism

But after the interminable debate this summer about George Cross flags during the World Cup, many themes and references Bragg rehearses feel fairly well-trodden. Towards the end he does focus on one - multiculturalism - for long enough to propose what might be an interesting argument. Class, he says, is a social distinction which still exists but no longer acts as a barrier to achievement: "So perhaps we should think of a multicultural society in the same way as we perceive our present classless society, as an evolutionary process which does not necessitate the abolition of cultural differences or the assimilation of one group into another. The multicultural society would be one in which ethnicity, like class, no longer matters."

- from a not very favourable review of Billy Bragg's book, The Progressive Patriot, by Decca Aitkenhead in the Guardian, Saturday 11 November.

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