Monday, 30 October 2006

music in shops; watt repellent

Two CDs I've bought because they were playing it in the shop:

Different Trains, by Steve Reich. I think it was Electric Counterpoint that was playing. It was a music shop in Milton Keynes, on the day we had a coach trip up there when my then employers were looking to relocate to the area and were giving staff the opportunity to go us and see the area. I remember visiting the giant MK shopping centre (I think I got a couple of second hand books and/or tapes on a stall outside also), and a depressingly tiny show house in a new estate. We relocated to Bletchley in the end. Don't play it much as minimalist, repetitive music does Bethan's head in.

Echoes from Africa, by Abdullah Ibrahim. I heard most of it, I think; it was in Top Floor CDs, in the Elephant & Castle shopping centre, which closed earlier this year. Also pretty repetitive, changing harmonies and phrases over repeated patterns, but more bearable to people of a sensitive disposition. I'd like to get more of him, but he's recorded so much and it's difficult to know which would be most like the one I like.

I was playing my Lemon Jelly CD last week when the Rollses were down, and not only did no one else in the room like it, one of the children came down from the bedroom to ask us to turn it down. There's something wrong with the world when that happens, surely.

Another of my CDs - League Unlimited Orchestra's Love and Dancing - also drove my other sister-in-law out of the room last year.

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