Saturday, 21 October 2006

milton jones

While my mother was down and available for childminding at very reasonable rates this month, Bethan and I managed to get out on three evenings.

On the first we saw Milton Jones at the Etcetera Theatre in Camden on Wednesday 4th. Our first time in that theatre - a small one above a pub. We'd seen him before, at BBC radio recordings of one of his comedy series, The House of Milton Jones. We liked him a lot - Bethan tends to steer clear of live comedy because of the swearing and crudity (which you can't always reliably gauge from their tv and especially radio appearances), but we felt on safe ground with Milton Jones. The Very World of Milton Jones series was excellent; if it had been scripted by himself, I have a feeling that perhaps it would have been viewed as a classic series, but it was written by a team of non-performing writers, so no sense of one genius author, like Spike Milligan (who it probably most closely resembled, with a bit of ISIRTA perhaps).

Like a slower, more surreal Tim Vine. (We've got Tim Vine's DVD, which is really good. Last time we looked, the Milton Jones radio series weren't out on tape, which was surprising.)

We went midweek, and thought he'd be safe from drunk hecklers, but there were a couple of women in the front row (it was almost full, but still only about forty people there) who just kept talking to him, which he weathered very well.

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