Monday, 2 October 2006

execution more expensive than life imprisonment

Interesting Guardian article on possible shift on views on death penalty in America, for pragmatic rather than moral reasons (my reader will be interested to know that that reflects my own view - in favour of the death penalty in principle, but not in practice). Interesting that some anti- campaigners seem peeved that it's miscarriages of justice which are changing minds and that not all their fellow anti- campaigners are against it on moral grounds. Most interesting, counter-intuitive, fact: 'A typical capital case costs at least three and a half times as much as lifetime incarceration. New Jersey has passed 60 death sentences, overturned 50 on appeal, and still not executed any of the 10 men left on death row. Having spent more than a quarter of a billion dollars executing nobody, it's expected to abolish its death penalty this year.'

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