Monday, 30 October 2006

ansible: thog quote; evil cs lewis

For a stretch of several years David Langford's articles were the best thing in several magazines I read (roleplaying and Amstrad). I've already mentioned him here. Now he seems to have almost everything he's ever written on his website. I've got a lot of catching up to do (and doubtless I'll end up with a list of fantasy and sci-fi books I'll want to read).

Here's a couple of things from his Ansible newsletter of January 2006 (I thought January's as far back as I should start).

Thog's Masterclass [bad quotes from fantasy and sci-fi]. Dept of Nose Noises. 'But the younger man had a nose for trouble which Acevedo had learned to trust, or at least listen very carefully to.' (David Weber in Changer of Worlds, 2001)

The devout website exposes [here] `the darker and esoteric meanings of the Chronicles of Narnia', including the author's vile profanity: `The word "ass" appears in 4 of the books. Being British, it probably did not mean the same to him as it does to Americans (as a swear word), but he could have left it out, especially since he only used it four times and did use "donkey" in other places. However, considering the filthy state of his mind, it is possible that he thought this cute.' Other parts of this analysis are, shall we say, less balanced.

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