Monday, 11 September 2006

looking for jack mcconnell

As a wee bonus, while looking for other stuff about The Stornoway Way to be annoyed by, I found this from the Sunday Herald of 24 July 2005:

A transcript of a call received last week at the Gnats’ HQ in Edinburgh, which seems rather to suggest that something has gone aglay between the ruling party at Holyrood and Westminster:

Man: Hello, I’m calling from David Blunkett’s office, my name’s Trevor.

Gnat: Eh right, OK, how can I help?

Trevor: I’m trying to send a fax to the First Minister – is it Jack McConald?

Gnat: Yes, something like that.

Trevor: Can I just check I’ve got the right number – is it 0131 ...?

Gnat: You know this is the Scottish National Party you’ve called?

Trevor: Yes, that’s right.

Gnat: You DO know that we’re a different political party to you?

Trevor: (confused) Ehm, right, right.

Gnat: And therefore you won’t find Jack McConald here because he’s not a member of the Scottish National Party?

Trevor: Oh! Right. I see. So where should I call?

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