Tuesday, 12 September 2006

is that jon wilde?

Uncut has introduced an interesting new feature where they reprint an article from NME or Melody Maker from days gone by, with a bit of a comment on it from the original author/interviewer. The August 2006 one was by Jon Wilde on Guns N' Roses from a 1987 Melody Maker. He wasn't impressed, and he says in his comment:

When the piece eventually came out in Melody Maker, Guns N' Roses were in town to play the Marquee. Two of them, Axl and Izzy I think, were so enraged by the piece that they turned up at the offices of Sounds with the idea of beating the ---- out of me. According to the receptionist they sat in the office and waited for me for two hours. Whenever anyone came in the door they'd say 'Is that Jon Wilde?' and no one had the presence of mind to tell them I didn't actually work for Sounds and that in fact they were in the wrong building all together.

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