Monday, 21 August 2006

titus andronicus

I saw Titus Andronicus at Shakespeare's Globe last Monday with Daphne. I thought it was really good, and wondered why it wasn't produced more often. The gore, probably, and perhaps other productions are more grim and humourless; the Globe seems to draw out humour.

Bethan would have liked the plot-heaviness (rather than people standing around chatting or soliloquising) but not the gore, of which there was plenty. They always get fainters in the Globe, especially from those standing in hot weather, but the rate apparently increased for TA. They had an awning for the first time, which added to the closed-in gloom of the play (the stage was just draped in black).

Douglas Hodge as Titus (a battle-trembled veteran tipping over into madness), Geraldine Alexander as Tamora (powerful manipulating Goth), and Shaun Parkes as Aaron (cheeky charming chappie who turns out to be wholly amoral, which makes for an interesting audience response - probably a difficult role to decide what to do with, as he's the only black character and thoroughly nasty) were really good. Titus's brother reminded me too much of David Dickinson, and the Emperor too much of Brian the Irish air steward from Big Brother, but I got over that.

Some reviews: The Independent. The Guardian. Daily Telegraph. The Times. Daily Telegraph interview with Douglas Hodge.

PS The now-redesignated SB found this blog posting from someone who fainted at a performance. If her blog wasn't written in pale blue on slightly less pale blue I'd read a few more of the posts.

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