Sunday, 30 October 2005

Day of the Triffids - book, bookmark, film

I borrowed The Day of the Triffids from the library the day before we went on our holiday to Wales earlier this month. But I didn’t read any of the book there. When I did read it I found in it a receipt for petrol bought at the Shell garage in Crickhowell on 6 April 2003. We drove through Crickhowell on the way to and from our holiday house.

The book was good. Coincidentally, the old film of the book was on telly the day we came back; it was quite different from the book. The film 28 Days Later was much more like the book, in fact.

the latest in a long line of thin wedge-ends

I bought a CD primarily because it had a cover version of a Beatles song for which I didn't already own a cover version. The Pixies at the BBC. Wild Honey Pie. I mean, come on: Wild Honey Pie. Got to get it when you find it.

it's what he would have wanted

‘It’s what he would have wanted.’ Often said in relation to plans and events in the aftermath of someone’s death. In fact, what he would have wanted, nine times out of ten, was not to have died.

jumping off the edge

It hasn’t happened often - I can only think of twice - but a few weeks ago when I was precenting I sang the first note and realised I couldn’t remember what the next note should be. I knew the line descended, so just went down in the hope that by the time I’d reached the end of the line I’d have crossed the path of the actual tune. That worked out.

Sunday, 23 October 2005

darby crash

The day is particularly vivid for me because Darby Crash, the singer of The Germs, was always threatening to kill himself and make a whole media blitz. He finally managed to do it the same day Lennon was murdered, but, of course, hardly anyone noticed.
- Jesse Malin, NY singer-songwriter, in feature on death of John Lennon, 8 December 1980, Uncut October 2005.

kate and delia

Kate Bush is back, and looking very like Delia Smith. It's a funny old world. Delius willl always be Delia from now on.

dark horse

My brother made it to the final of the solo traditional competition, at the first time of trying, at last week's Mod, which is pretty impressive. I managed to hear him online on Radio nan Gaidheal. Most people had no idea he could sing, it seems.

Monday, 17 October 2005

'done the born-again thing'

It’s always been interesting to me to think of Dylan’s Christian phase. I’d done the born-again thing when I was about 17. There was a youth movement I got wound up in until it started to really bug me that some of my friends were going to heaven and some weren’t. I became what they call a backslider pretty quick.
Sheryl Crow, in Mojo, September 2005

neil sedaka's bottle

I interviewed Neil Sedaka once and asked if he still writes songs. He said, ‘Well, the new ones just weren’t as good as the ones I wrote years ago. So I stopped.’ Takes a bit of bottle to decide that.
- Gideon Coe, Word, September 2005

Bryn Bedw scrabble

Sunday: Bethan 294, Iain 284. Total 578. I got a word on two double word scores, and also went out with counties. Bethan won on last go.
Monday: Iain 307, Bethan 274. Total 581. I went out with dunlins.
Tuesday: Iain 300, Bethan 294. Total 594. I won on last go.
Wednesday: Bethan 347, Iain 327. Total 674. I went out with loaders.
Thursday: Iain 363, Bethan 287. Total 650. I went out with rambles. My last two words were fairly big triple word scores, which largely explains the gap.
Friday: Bethan 279, Iain 275. Total 554. Bethan won on letters left over.